Shad Valley Lakehead 2011

Around this time last year, I remember awaiting the letter that would tell me whether or not I would be spending the month of July at Shad Valley with a mix of excitement and anxiety. I was thrilled when the letter arrived and informed me that I would in fact be able to attend Shad Valley.

Shad Valley is a science and entrepreneurship enrichment month-long summer program for high-school age students that can be coupled with a month-long Shad Valley internship at a Canadian business. It’s a wonderful learning experience and a fantastic opportunity to meet other motivated and interested students from across Canada and even from other countries (shout-out to the Saudi Arabians in our group!). Shad Valley is held at ten Canadian university campuses each summer, with approximately fifty students attending Shad Valley at each campus. You can learn more about Shad Valley at the Shad Valley website,

If you’re thinking of applying, go for it. If you’re naturally curious and interested and motivated to learn, you’ll love the experience and learn plenty from it. Applying to Shad Valley entails writing a statement highlighting why you want to attend Shad Valley, writing a personal essay, sending transcripts and a résumé, and making a creative page. It’s not the most difficult program to apply to, but then again it isn’t the easiest to apply to either. Keep in mind that approximately 50% of applicants are admitted to the Shad Valley program, therefore it’s worth your while to carefully groom your application before sending it in. If you’re researching Shad Valley well in advance of the application date, I suggest you put as much effort into your academics and fields of interest as possible in the time you have left as Shad Valley does put a lot of weight on these components in comparison to the others. Being bright won’t be enough to attend Shad Valley or achieve other life goals–it’s what you do with it that counts.

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